We’re in business!

You’ll notice some new, lovely tidbits under the ‘shop’ tab to the upper right…

Finished edition!

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Some changes, slow but sure…

I’ve been working on the webstore bit, in the wee hours, when I can.

It’s not going as quickly as I might have liked, but it’s beginning to come together. There are still little code kinks to work out here and there, and it will all take time. I hope over the next week or so to have something interesting under that little tab that says ‘Shop’.

Please bear with me. Change is slow sometimes.


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Playing with reduction prints

Back in December and January I did some lino prints for friends and family.  I was bit by the bug again at that time, and started working on something a little more complicated, but a lot more fun – reduction printing.

For the uninitiated, a reduction print is a multiple colour print pulled from successive cuttings of the same block. I opted to start simple, with two colour processes. Here is a snippet of the planning process, the set up and the initial carve of the block, revealing just the white areas:

The main image was made from this block. I got a little carried away and printed about 6 background colours so that I would have a plethora of print versions! Some tremendously fun and interesting combinations started to be possible once I freed my ideas from being simply representational…after all, our dog is not blue, or red, or orange, but a very dark (enough so to defy photography) brown/black brindle.

I didn’t manage to capture the 1st printing or second carve on video, but this is a little but of the final (to me, rather exciting) reveal process of the final printing process.

The final pieces, rather than be cookie cutter copies, are all dynamic and individual – variations on the theme.

I’m already percolating about my next set of prints…



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Latest work

I’ve been lucky to spend some time with the good folks of the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society over the past couple of months, with their Imagine Slocan Lake project.

Along with Michelle Laurie and Rachael Roussin, I had the opportunity to design the Community Survey publicity and also to do a little bit of graphic recording. The style of the publications was grassroots and accessible, and a lot of fun to do.

The print items included a poster, newspaper print ads and postcard mailers.

I really enjoyed working on something local that people are so passionate about.


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Busy times

Things have been mighty busy here at Insightful Ink.

I was lucky enough last month to work with Michelle Laurie in a CBT Information Session, the Youth Conference.  Michelle has posted a great write-up on the types of techniques that she used to promote education and engagement among they participants.  You can read it at her blog, HERE.

Since then I’ve been working on several logos for local organizations, illustrations and other exciting projects that can’t be revealed quite yet.  Stay tuned, there’s more in store.


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Here we are…

I’m excited about this.

It’s hard to know until you see first-hand – until you experience the effect of a graphic planning session – the full impact that it can have on a group of people.  It can bring together those who are divided, give each a space in which to speak their own truth and be heard, and to galvanize people toward a greater purpose.

It’s just as effective on an group level as it is on an individual level – perhaps even more so; people can see that their ideas are being looked at, and they don’t feel lost or left behind.

I’ve been to many, many meetings in which notes are recorded on a flip chart.  Never have I seen people standing around, looking at and discussing the flip chart – graphic recordings have the power to get people talking, looking at what they’re doing, and motivated to examine the relationships between the ideas being discussed.  It’s a powerful medium, one for which the time has come.


Please bear with me while I get things started around here.  It will take a little time to get things fleshed out, get more pages and a gallery together.  Check back soon, there’s more in store.


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